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Recent Keasbey Scholars, 2005-2022


Owen L. Mortner, Swarthmore College 2023
Cambridge, MPhil in Criminological Research

Hamzah F. Jhaveri, Yale University 2023
Cambridge, MPhil in Social Anthropology


Benjamin Morris, Middlebury College 2022
Cambridge, MPhil in Pathology

Trevor Stern, Haverford College 2022
Oxford, MSt in Religion


Shivani Aggarwal, Harvard University 2021
Cambridge, MPhil in Health, Medicine and Society

William Xu, Cornell University 2021
Cambridge, MPhil in Micro and Nanotechnology Enterprise


Kirsten Traudt, Princeton University 2020
New College, Oxford, MPhil in Greek and Latin Languages and Literatures

Benjamin Isaac Waldman, Yale University 2020
Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, MPhil in American History


Samuel J. Lewis, Bowdoin College 2019
Homerton College, Cambridge, MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History (2019-2020);
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, MPhil in Philosophy (2020-2021)

William B. DiGravio, Middlebury College 2019
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, MPhil in Film and Screen Studies


William Duncan Martinson, Brown University 2018
Balliol College, Oxford, MSc in Mathematics

Nicholas Norwitz, Dartmouth College 2018
Merton College, Oxford, MSc in Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics


Alexander Herkert, Yale University 2017
St. Catherine's College, Oxford, MSc in Contemporary Chinese Culture

Ayelet Wenger, Princeton University 2017
Balliol College, Oxford, M.Phil in Judaism and Christianity in the Graeco-Roman World in the Faculty of Theology and Religion


Haley S. Miller, Bowdoin College 2016
University of Edinburgh, M.Sc. in Science and Religion

Claire L. Wright, Wesleyan University 2016
New College, Oxford, M. Phil in Comparative Social Policy


Swati Sureka, Cornell University 2015
Linacre College, Oxford, M.Sc in Nature, Society, and Environmental Governance (2016-2017);
University of Edinburgh (2015-2016)

Zeenia Framroze, Harvard University 2015
St. John's College, Oxford, M. Phil in Comparative Social Policy


Caroline Batten, Swarthmore College 2014
New College, Oxford, M. Phil degree in Medieval English Literature

Brandon Levin, Yale University 2014
Oxford University


Gillian Lui, Middlebury College 2013
King's College, Cambridge, M.Phil degree in Biological Sciences (Plant Science)


Mallory Matsumoto, Cornell 2012
Balliol College, Oxford


Matthew Meizlish, Yale 2011
King’s College, Cambridge, M.Phil degree in the History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science, Technology and Medicine

Christopher Spaide, Amherst, 2011
Kellogg College, Oxford, Mst. In English Languages and Literature; Masters in Music and Musicology


Tenzing Lama, Bowdoin 2010
St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, Masters of Science in Pathology

Daniel Rosmarin, Middlebury 2010
Balliol College, Oxford Masters of Science in Clinical Pharmacology


Matthew Alkaitis, Dartmouth College, 2009
Balliol College, Oxford, Msc by Research


Jesse Wolfson, Yale 2008
St. Johns College, Cambridge, Masters of Science in Mathematics

Harvey Lederman, Princeton 2008
King’s College, Cambridge, B.A. in Classics


Mary Hartley Platt, Bowdoin
Balliol College, Oxford, M. Phil Latin and Greek Languages and Literature

Olivia Bailey, Middlebury 2007
New College, Oxford, B. Phil Philosophy


Jennifer Hsin-I Hou, Harvard 2006
Trinity College, Cambridge, M. Phil in Computational Biology

Christopher Lowrey, Brown 2006
St. John’s College, Cambridge, M. Phil in Musicology


Herrick “Cricket” Fisher, Amherst 2005
Hertford College, Oxford, M. Phil in Comparative Social Policy

Gabriel Mattera, Amherst 2005
King's College, Cambridge, M. Phil Economics
Oxford, University College, Masters of Financial Economics

Matthew Shapiro, Princeton 2005
Balliol College, Oxford, M. Phil in Political Theory

For more information about the "The Henry Griffith and Anna Griffith Keasbey Memorial Foundation" and a list of our scholars please download the following PDF file:

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